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Space Foundry is an equipment manufacturer providing both hardware and printing solutions for printing conductors and dielectrics. Space Foundry's products include stand-alone R&D printers and also OEM print heads that can be integrated to other additive manufacturing tools and robotic arms.

Space Foundry's breakthrough Plasma Jet Printing technology was developed at NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) in Moffett Field, California. Space Foundry is building upon a portfolio of licensed IP from NASA and Universities Space Research Association (USRA) to commercialize this technology.

Dr. Ram Prasad Gandhiraman who was a principal investigator of the plasma processing lab at NASA Ames and Dr. Dennis Nordlund who was a collaborator from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory are the proud founders of Space Foundry having started the company as they envisioned that the technology could be disruptive.



Enable digital manufacturing of next generation smart devices through additive manufacturing



  • To develop, create and promote products/services that make possible single step additive manufacturing
  • To transform printed electronics equipment and ink industries by enabling highly scalable and material agnostic 3D printing
  • To become the partner of choice for next generation additive manufacturing equipment

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Idaho National Laboratary
Idaho National Laboratary

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