Our current offerings

Stand alone R&D printer

OEM Module

Process development services

Advantages of our Products

  • Dry printing with no post deposition curing step
  • Environmentally friendly process with minimal dependency on ink synthesis
  • Nanoparticle free printing
  • Simple ink synthesis with much longer shelf life than nanoparticle based inks
  • Multi-material printing of conductors, dielectrics and organics
  • Precise control over thickness
plasma printer


A combination of nanoparticle free ink and dry printing opens up avenues for OEM integration of the print head to other additive manufacturing tools, thereby efficiently allowing multi-material printing for device fabrication.

Some of the applications include:

plasma printer
  • Interconnects
  • Printed antenna
  • Printed battery (electrode)
  • In-mold electronics for automobile industry
  • Sensors